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  • Executive Director - Glenwood Chamber of Commerce

    Glenwood Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description
    The Chamber Executive Director is responsible for the overall organization and “big picture vision” of the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce serving the Glenwood lakes community, Pope County, the Region and throughout the State of Minnesota. As the “face” of the organization, this position is responsible for maintaining and fostering community and business relationships, driving membership, and for being a liaison among community organizations, businesses, and the local government to create a favorable business and living environment through active programs aimed at improving business-civic conditions. A dedicated, knowledgeable, and driven team of Board members will assist the Executive Director in this work.

    Essential Functions:
    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    Business Plan

    - Guide the development of the Chamber’s goals and business plan within the framework adopted by the Board of Directors. 
    - Organizes and creates projects and events
    - Arranges Chamber and public meetings, prepares agendas, notices and reports
    - Gathers data and materials for use by the Board and ensures that minutes are taken at all meetings 
    - Reviews proposals and projects to present to the Board of Directors.


    - Responsible for recruiting, training and organizing volunteers to assist with various projects and events. 


    - Responsible for management of the Chambers finances; prepares the annual budget for the board’s approval; develops general plans for meeting the budget; 
    - Approves all specific expenditures coming under the budget approved by the Board; 
    - Provides financial information to the Chamber’s accountant in order to process all financial records, balance bank statements, authorize payment of all bills and to submit monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors.


    - Responsible for membership recruitment, retention and development through on-site visits, correspondence through various forms of communication and act as a liaison between members, potential members and the Board of Directors. 
    - Manage current memberships and handles correspondence to members regarding membership status including billing members for annual membership dues and other membership information.
    - Maintains membership and prospect files and prepare membership and recruitment reports for the Board of Directors

    Member and Public Relations 

    - Responsible for preparing, disseminating, and maintaining a high level of open communications to the membership and the general public at all times 
    - Serves as a liaison between the Chamber and all groups in the community, serve as a contact between organizations and the media and advise the Board regarding developments affecting the business community. 
    - Direct the preparation of official publications of the Chamber such as brochures, information packets, bulletins, newsletters, news releases and all other publications to provide information to the public; Represent the Chamber of Commerce at meetings of other organizations; appear before City Councils and other governmental bodies; make public addresses and secure other speakers concerning community and Chamber activities; 
    - Counsel and advise the Board on developments affecting the business community; 
    - Review and evaluate legislation which will have an impact on goals and policies of the Chamber of Commerce and takes necessary action to ensure that the Chambers interests are represented.

    Community Events and Tourism

    - Assist with the coordination and success of the many community/Chamber events including, but not limited to, the Pope County Community Expo, Battle of the Business Bowling, Glenwood Night with the Alexandria Blizzards, Glenwood Day at Andes Tower Hills, Community Award Luncheon, Chamber Cup Golf Tournament, Salute to Business and Industry and ACT Work Ready Community Initiatives

    Deadline to apply: September 1, 2018

    Contact Name:
    Katie Hallstrom
    Contact Information