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    2016 Business Plan

    Mission:             The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives advances the effectiveness of chamber professionals by providing career development, communications, and networking to ensure professional and organizational growth.


    2016 Priorities


    1)        Education and Networking


    Provide strong and consistent professional development opportunities through MCCE events and conferences.   Continue to offer training for professionals at all levels of experience focused on the theme of building organizations for the future.


    A.     Annual Meeting:  January 27-29, 2016.  Deliver a conference agenda offering the opportunity to enhance leadership development skills, focus on current policy issues and allow an extensive networking opportunity.


    Location:  Intercontinental Hotel, St. Paul, Minnesota

    Host:  Chad Kulas, Midway Chamber of Commerce


    B.     New Executive Dialogue:   Coordinate brief orientation sessions for new executives with every conference, and schedule a one day session to be held during the year (typically spring.)


    C.      U.S. Chamber Small Business Summit:  June 13-15, 2016, Washington, D.C.   Establish an agenda that includes personal visits with members of the Minnesota delegation as well as the chance to interact with federal policy makers regarding issues of importance to Minnesota businesses.


    Co Chairs:  John Kirchner, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

                            Rob Miller, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce


    D.     Mini Institute: June 2, 2016. This one day conference, designed for chamber staff at all levels, will focus on the fundamentals of running successful chambers, and the issue and trends facing the business community.


    Location:  Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, St. Cloud

    Chairs:  Teresa Bohnen, St. Cloud


    E.      Fall Conference:  September 28-30, 2016.  Coordinate a highly valuable learning opportunity showcasing the expertise of fellow chamber professionals.


    Location:  Holiday Inn, Austin, Minnesota

    Host:  Sandy Forstner, Austin Area Chamber of Commerce


    F.      Regional Training:  Develop and offer content for delivery by the regional groups to facilitate convenient and affordable professional development opportunities for MCCE members.  Topics could include ChamberMaster training; board development; membership; event management, etc.


    Committee:             Matt Kilian, Brainerd (Central)

                                            Carrie Johnston, Detroit Lakes (Northwest)

                                            Brad Meier, TwinWest (Metro)

                                            Della Schmidt, Winona (Southeast)

                                            Audra Shaneman, New Ulm (Southwest)

                                            Bud Stone, Grand Rapids (Northeast)



    G.     Conference Frequency:  For 2017, evaluate the frequency and timing of conferences.  Consider incorporating Mini Institute/staff training day with the Annual Meeting.   Consider moving the MCCE Annual Meeting to February rather than January.




    2)   Peer Development


    Offer members support and accessible, affordable training to strengthen their professional skills and organizational operations.


    A.     New Executive Mentors:  Continue the mentorship program for new executives though their first year of their position.


    Chair:  Teresa Bohnen, St. Cloud


    B.     Mark of Exellence and Certified Chamber Professional Programs:  Evaluate these former MCCE programs to see if they should be revised and marketed to strengthen local chambers, and local chamber professionals in Minnesota.


    Co Chairs:  Della Schmidt, Winona

                            Angie Whitcomb, Shakopee


    C.      Scholarships:  Continue to sponsor and promote scholarships to MCCE conferences,

                          U.S. Chamber Institute, the U.S. Chamber Government Affairs conference and Leadership 



    Promote and raise funds for the David C. Olson scholarship for Leadership Minnesota!  Consider the inclusion of a scholarship for a chamber executive to participate in Leaders Lab if funds allow.


          Committee:               Cal Brink, Marshall

                                                    Doug Loon, Minnesota

                                                    Vicki Stute, Dakota County Regional



    3)   Marketing and Engagement


    Build visibility and recognition for MCCE, and the benefits of involvement to further engage current members and attract new members.


    A.     Member Engagement:  Send a letter annually from the MCCE Chair and MN Chamber President to all board chairs of local chambers to inform them of the benefits of MCCE to build greater involvement from executives across the state.


    B.     Communications:  Continue to develop the website as a resource for MCCE members.  Better promote and engage members in the MCCE Facebook page, i.e. setting up event pages for conferences.  Establish an MCCE twitter account.       


    Co Chairs:             Audra Shaneman, New Ulm

                                        Lisa Workman, Fergus Falls   


    4)  Other


    A.     Legal Services:  Continue to work with Pat Plunkett, Larkin Hoffman, on an as needed basis, to provide guidance on chamber related legal issues. MCCE members have access to legal guidance after screening questions through MCCE, on issues that are industry based, and impact more than one chamber. Litigation, hearings and extensive individual issues do not apply.