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  • Senior Executives Forum


    The purpose of the Senior Executive Forum is to provide a regular forum where senior leaders are able to convene in a confidential and safe environment and tackle those issues unique to chief executives.  The content and conversation is intended to be strategy and leadership centric allowing each to achieve better results for their organization and their performance as a leader, rather than focus specifically on programs and operations. (Goal: Become a Better Leader).  This program, in its first year is a pilot program and will meet four times during the year.   Each of the meetings will be hosted by a participating CEO whenever possible, while also considering the geographic composition as well as the external subject matter expert or guest CEO speaker.


    Similar to other senior leader “forums” it is important to have a mix of learning available during each gathering.  That mix is made up of two chief elements:

    • subject matter exploration, learning
    • peer – to – peer confidential exchange, challenge and coaching, and accountability to one’s leadership growth opportunities